Family History

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This year for Memorial Day (2014), we took a little journey to where my Grandpa grew up. I grew up, (and still live) in a rural area in the Upper Cumberland section of Middle Tennessee. My Grandpa grew up in a place called Hanging Limb. I am sure that anyone not from here has never heard of this place because it is tiny. Anyways, my sister & I had been up there several times but it had been years. So we wanted to get some pictures of the old farm and house.

It was almost like a trip back in time. The barn is still standing and is complete with home made door hinges, hand hewn lumber, and even some old mule harnesses. I am a farm girl at heart so I absolutely love old barns. Everything about them. From the iconic shape and size to the smell of the old lumber. It is hard to believe how much farming has changed since my Grandpa has been alive.

We were also able to look inside his parent's old house. As you can tell in the picture, it was a decent size house. Especially for that time period when a lot of people were living in one room log cabins. However, when you stop to think about eight kids being raised in it, the house suddenly seems pretty small. There was a living room, bedroom, and small kitchen downstairs. The upstairs part was just a big open room so that's where all the children slept. Now if anyone has ever been to Tennessee during the summer months, you know it is unbearably hot. So just try to imagine having to sleep in what is essentially an attic during that time with no air conditioning! I honestly do not know how they survived without having a heat stroke every night.

It was very neat and interesting to see and record a little bit of the past. This is what keeps drawing me to photography. I love having the ability to snap some photos of Tennessee history so that it can be shared with future generations.

If anyone has any stories from Parents, Grandparents, or other relatives please share in the comments or post to the Chic Country Photography Facebook Page. I'd love to hear from you.

These pictures were also shot with the Canon 70D and 50mm 1.8 lens. Some of the pictures were edited with the actions I found at The Coffee Shop Blog.