June 5, 2014: Day 5

Middle Tennessee weather has been quite dreary this week. There was absolutely no sun today, just lots of clouds. On the plus side, it is not unbearably hot. I had no idea what I could do for today's picture until I took my husband to pick up his truck from the hay field. On the way there, we passed by our friend's field with the mountains in the background. So on my way back home I just had to try taking some photos of the hay, mountains, fog, and barn. Since this challenge is suppose to be making learn more about photography I took these on full manual mode and I experimented with the exposure. My favorites are the bright ones. I still don't understand exactly how the camera deals with exposure, but I decided to overexpose these so I fixed the aperture where I wanted it and then messed with the shutter speed to get an exposure of +3. I know it is suppose to be at 0, but as they say, rules are made to be broken.