June 6, 2014: Day 6/30

Today I had to go to Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville to get a copy of my transcript. Wade loved the stairs on the front of Derryberry Hall. He kept wanting to walk up them. So when I asked if he wanted a picture for his first trip to TTU, he said yes and pointed to the stairs. Normally I would say the sun is too bright and strong and we need to find shade...but he was so set on having pictures there. Now the last thing I want is for him to stop wanting me to take his picture so I yes. He walked up and picked out these spots all on his own. He even chose to set down on the steps and lean back on his arm. I have discovered that when photographing him it is best to give him some say in where and how he gets his picture taken. Otherwise I end up with pictures of a crying toddler. I like the way they turned out even though it was very sunny. Sometimes a picture means more to me as a memory rather than a perfect picture.

I'm still trying to get good at shooting in full manual mode so all but 1 of these pictures were shot in manual mode, the other was aperture priority mode.