June 9, 2014: Day 9

Today I decided to try using the bed to take some pictures of me and Wade. I had wanted to get a self portrait of me, but it turns out that Wade thinks I can't have a picture by myself. That's ok though, he's much cuter than I am anyways. I am too happy about the weird brown color that our bedroom walls are (they came that way and I still haven't gotten them painted). So I decided to change these to black and white photos. I love black and white photos anyways so it worked out fine. I used the Pure Black & White action from the Coffee Shop Blog free actions. Have I mentioned how much I love the actions from the Coffee Shop? This one did not disappoint me either. I still am unsure the best way to convert an image to b&w but this lady has figured it out.

Another thing I did differently today. I finally got brave enough to try shooting in RAW. I still have no clue how RAW works but I now know that it does work! Unfortunately, Photoshop Elements does not read RAW files. That's ok though because iPhoto does! Apple comes to the rescue yet again. Also the stuff that comes with my camera would work, but why install it if I don't have to.

Also you may want to check out the post from Click it up a Notch

about using Kelvin for white balance. That's another thing I worked on today. I found a chart from Pinterest so I could save it to my phone and use for quick reference.

These turned out to be some of my favorite pictures of me and Wade. I will end up getting them framed. Maybe I will make a collage or square canvases hanging in a grid. Not decided yet.

These pictures were shot in manual mode on the Canon 70d and 50mm 1.8 lens. I also cropped them to 5x5 in size. For some reason I just felt that they were calling out to be square pictures.