June 13, 2014: Day 13 of 30

Today I finally got Adobe Lightroom 5! I am so excited!

I actually got interested in photography way back in the 35mm days. Of course back then (which, sadly, really wasn't that long ago) there wasn't any computer editing for pictures. So when I first found Photoshop Elements, you wouldn't believe how amazed I was. So that's what I have been using all these years. Since I have recently decided to try making this a career (or at least a part time one) I decided I needed to look into a program geared more towards professionals. That's where Lightroom comes in. If you haven't already purchased this, do yourself a favor and go get it as soon as possible! I'm telling you it is great! I am, of course, still learning so I am slow but it will eventually make things so much faster.

For now my favorite part of Lightroom is the ability to quickly and easily add a vignette to all the images. All you have to do is adjust some sliders and voila, vignetted photo! You can even save your favorite edits then just click and apply to any pictures you want it on! How awesome is that?

As soon as got home I had to take some pictures to try out Lightroom. I didn't know what to photograph so I just got out the tripod and took some more pictures of me & Wade. Since I am not a fan of how my walls look in pictures, I changed them all to black & white (someday I will paint them). Also I wanted to play around with the black & white conversion of Lightroom. You can adjust the different colors in order to change the brightness of different parts of your picture!

These were all shot in RAW with my Canon 70D, 50mm  1.8 lens, tripod, remote, and 430 EX flash. I generally don't use flash, but it was very cloudy outside so there wasn't much light coming through the windows.