June 25, 2014: Day 25

So I have obviously been lazy about the blog lately. I have still been posting the Click A Day photo on Instagram and Facebook, just not on my blog. This morning I want to share with you the presets that I got to use with Lightroom. I love Lightroom and highly recommend it. If you have Lightroom, presets really make it easier and faster to use. I purchased the Kubota Workflow Collection Presets and love them. It has a lot of different ones and can be used with all kinds of photography. There are several different kinds of black and white, vignettes, old film, antique, 60's film, shadow opener (for lighting dark photos) and others that make the photos more vibrant or make the colors pop more. There is also a Vintage Delish collection from Kubota but I haven't purchased it yet. Here are some photos I took this morning and edited with the Kubota Workflow Presets. I used the Portra Soft (one of my favs), BW Hollywood, & BW warm and fuzzy.