Fall 2014

I have neglected my blog this fall. For one thing starting a new job was crazy and I could barely keep up with that throughout August and September. Then in October I started a workshop through the Clickin Moms site. If you are wanting to learn a lot about photography I highly recommend you check out that site. It is worth the membership (especially if you catch a sale like I did). The workshops are amazing!

My first one was Intro to Natural Light (INL) and I learned more about light than I ever thought possible. I cannot believe the difference in my photos before and after. I can now get photos that I love straight out of the camera. I still edit them but only to add that little extra pop to the images.

The next one I took was Timeless Photography & Emotive Expression. It is every bit as good as INL. This workshop also deals with light to some extinct. Everything photography deals with light. Without light there are no photographs. Timeless goes into creating portraits that will be cherished for generations. It pushed me to be more creative and to take time to think before I snap a picture.

I highly recommend both classes. There are many others that deal with all levels of photography from basic beginner to advanced. I know it is an investment but you will learn so much.