Photographing With My Son

Sunday I decided to let my son open up a Christmas present early. It was so nice out I wanted to take him for a walk. Also my husband had to work so I needed something fun to do. So he got a little camera for Christmas. We took a walk up through the field. So he & I took our Border Collie and went out on a mission to find something to photograph. Since he is only three I had to pull him in his little wagon and let me tell you, it was a work out!I had been wanting to get some images of pine trees & pine cones for awhile. So here is what we ended up with. I edited mine with Lightroom and SnapArt 4. I recently discovered Alien Skin plug-ins and they are awesome! I love Exposure7 and SnapArt is good for when I want to get really creative. I edited the photos of my son with Lightroom and Exposure7. It just adds an extra punch to the colors and makes the images have more of a film vibe. I have been using Exposure on all of my portrait images and even went back and re-edited images taken earlier. Did I mention I love Alien Skin Exposure?!








And here are some that he took. I think he did pretty good.





My images were taken with Canon 70D and Tamron 24-70 lens.