Lensbaby Love

My amazing husband got me a Lensbaby Sweet 50 for Christmas! It is so awesome! I, of course, could not wait to try it. Unfortunately, I had to. So Friday I took Wade outside to play and was finally able to really test out the Lensbaby. I also tried it out on Saturday at my grandparent's house. These photos aren't perfect. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the manual focus, but I still love them. The Lensbaby takes the most boring, ordinary objects and turns them into works of art! The blur is kind of radial and creates the feeling of movement within the image. It leads your eyes right to the area of focus (called the "sweet spot"). I have discovered that the closer I am to the subject, the softer the blur is. Also shooting with larger (f/2.8 or f/2.5) apertures creates lots of blur. For far away photos the blur from the large apertures can be almost dizzying. I believe I prefer f/4 or f/5.6 for landscapes or full body portraits.

These are edited in Lightroom where I used a preset that I created thanks to the ClickinMoms workshop Communicating with Color & Light by Caroline Jenson. That workshop was just what I needed for editing. That was the third workshop I have taken from ClickinMoms University and I loved all of them! They were worth the money. Now I love my color images. Before I couldn't quiet get the "pop" that I was looking for, but now I finally can. I was finally able to create a couple presets that work on all of my images!  After a quick edit in Lightroom, I used Alien Skin Exposure 7 to make them even more unique. For these I went more creative than I normally do and chose from the vintage & polaroid film presets in Exposure. I felt like these presets worked here because of the barns and clothing.  I also added textures to some of the images (scratches or crushed jade textures) and a sun flare to the image with my son playing in the mud.

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Images taken with Canon 70D and Lensbaby Composer Pro w/Sweet 50. Edited with Lightroom and Alien Skin Exposure 7.