Chilly Winter Walk

Since the sun was actually out today I decided it would be nice to get out and take some photos. It was a bit chillier than I had thought. But isn't that what Carhartt is made for? So I called up my cousin who was visiting my grandparents and we all went for a walk (we did cheat a little and drive the Rhino most of the way since my son tagged along).

I used my Canon 70D and Lensbaby Composer Pro w/Sweet 50. I am still getting used to it. I was doing pretty good as long as I kept straight and the sweet spot in the center. However, I don't like center composition. So I decided it was time to try tilting. Let me just say that it is kind of hard to figure out where the sweet spot is when it is tilted! So these images aren't going to be the greatest ever, but I still think they are neat. I even managed to get a couple portraits with her face in focus! They aren't the best portraits, but I am proud to get the Lensbaby to focus where I want ha!

The Lensbaby makes everything unique so I decided to play around with edits and some are bit more creative than I would do for portraits. It is fun to explore different ways to process images especially when the images are for my personal use. I used Lightroom & then Exposure 7 to add extra flare to the images. A few even got some sun flare added to enhance the sun light that was already there.