Snow in Tennessee!

It has been snowing all over the country, but not here. Texas even got snow and we did not! So I was trying not to get excited about the forecast this past weekend. It has been way too long since we got to go snow sledding. The last time, I was about 7 months pregnant so I just watched. Now my son is 3.5 years old! Monday morning I wake up to ice. Only ice! There was some disappointment (okay, a lot of disappointment), until...about 1:00 that afternoon we got snow! Yay! Or as my son would say, "hip, hip, hooray!" Yesterday, we gathered up all of our warm clothes (it is Tennessee so they don't get a great lot of use) and our family & friends came over for some snow sledding fun. Living on the Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee gives us plenty of big hills. We always go over to my Grandparent's farm. This has been a snow day tradition since like the 60's when my mom was growing up. The hills are so big that we do cheat a bit. We sled down, then the Rhino (not the animal) comes and picks us up and brings us back to the top. There was a bit of an adventure when the cows came to see what was up. Luckily for our cousin we had brought our Border Collie so she chased the cow away :). That's really the only thing she can do with cows, I am not a trainer so she doesn't actually herd them. She's still the best dog I have ever had though.