February 4-on-4

I am back with the monthly 4-on-4 posts. I hate that I missed the last several months. This past month has just flew by and I can't believe it is already February! My favorite images from this month come from the blizzard we had a couple weeks ago. That was the most snow I have ever saw. Here in Middle Tennessee, we don't get big snows but this time we got 10 inches! So I had to get out and get some portraits. Be sure to check out the rest of the blog circle! There are so many talented photographers here. Check out Allison Wagner Lee here.

We had one good snow and I got some shots that day.

Then we took a break to make some Paninis for lunch.

And the next day we got even more snow! So we went playing again.

And the last image I am sharing with you is a portrait of my son. Taken on my grandparents' farm in Middle Tennessee.