Lazy March Days

Part of March did consist of us taking some well deserved couch time. The weather was very unpredictable, but it is Middle Tennessee where the weather changes by the hour all year long.

Here's some images I took during bath time one night. He doesn't take baths very often anymore, but he still loves to play in the bath tub. Sometimes when he is very whiny I can get him in the bath and he will be happy as can be. So I wanted to document this time since he is growing up way too fast.

Shauna Hargis Photography - Cookeville Middle TN - Child photography

One day when I was off and we had a few minutes I decided to set the tripod up for a few mommy and son pictures. He loves getting selfies and he always wants to push the button on the remote.

Shauna Hargis Photography - Cookeville Middle TN - Mommy & Son Lifestyle photography

And I had to get some of him and his daddy as well. Thanks for looking!

Shauna Hargis Photography - Cookeville Middle TN - Lifestyle photography

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