December 4 on 4

Another month has flew by. This one, not as inspiring as the previous one. Actually this month has had a lot of challenges with work and, as usual, I let that affect my personal life way more than it should. I love my life, but I don't always love my job. Hopefully this month will be better.

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Now on to my favorite 4 images from this month.

This first one was taken while we were helping daddy feed cattle. It turns out that feed bags are a really good place to lay down.


The second image was taken on a day that it finally got cold here. This fall has been the hottest fall I can remember. My husband and I made this great swing from a pallet. I still have to fix a cushion for it, but I love this swing. I may need another one.

One evening I noticed the sunlight looked really neat, so I wanted a quick picture of my son. He decided we both needed a few pictures. Here is one of those images. Yes, my clothes look awful, but it is ok.

And lastly, on November 30 it had finally rained. We have had a severe drought here in Tennessee and we were so glad to finally see the rain. On Wednesday I got home just in time to run in and grab my camera for a shot of these amazing clouds and sunset.