July 4 on 4

Each month I post my favorite four images from the previous month. Usually I do this as part of a blog circle but this month I let the 4th slip up on me without writing up a post. This summer is just zooming past. So I guess as they say - better late than never, right? Here are 4 of my favorite images from the last month. We haven't been many places, mostly stayed at and around our farm in Alpine, TN.

Last week it was unbelievably nice weather for June in Middle Tennessee. The humidity was super low and the temperature was only in the low 80's. Even I could comfortably be outside - I prefer cooler weather and tend to melt in the sun lol. So Wade wanted to go to the local ballpark and ride his bicycle then go to the new park in Livingston, TN and play in the fountains. I couldn't choose just 4 images though, but I guess that is ok since this is being posted on July 5th, right?

Shauna Hargis Photography is a portrait photographer serving the Livingston, Cookeville, and the Middle TN area. Shauna is devoted to capturing authentic moments in a simple and timeless way.