June 4 on 4

Each month a group of photographers join to post their favorite 4 images from the previous month. So be sure to check out Chrissy and click through the other posts. 

This past month was full of changes. I have finally started to get back into photography.  I find myself looking for yet another job. But I am ok with that, I have absolutely no idea what I might be able to do though. I just know that it turned out that where I was at, was not the right place for me. I finally got brave enough to start a knitting podcast. That first episode sat on my iPad for two weeks before I was brave enough to actually post it lol.

Since I am not working, my new job is to keep a watch on our cattle so my son and I have been doing that. Starting this weekend I really want to get better at documenting our lives again, I have almost no photos from this past winter. But it will be ok, I can start doing better now. So finally, here's my fav 4 images from this month.