Legos and Shadows

I haven't been taking many photos for quiet some time now. I just haven't felt like picking up my camera or trying to be creative. I have wanted to just be and not have a camera in my hands. But in the last few weeks, I have found times where I can 'see' an image forming in my head. So when I saw my little buddy playing with the legos in the window, I had to try to capture it like I saw it. I have been drawn to dark shadows in my images for some time, just haven't tried to find the shadows with my camera for awhile. This type of light in these images is just what I am craving though. They are dark but also bright - both ends of the light spectrum. And looking at them is so relaxing to me. I will be getting these printed.

He was making me a surprise but ended up getting bored with it way before it was finished. He is growing up so very quickly and just turned 7 last week. Some days I don't even know where my sweet little boy went to, but most of the time he is still the sweetest little guy ever. I love watching him play and create imaginary scenes.

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