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February 4-on-4

I am back with the monthly 4-on-4 posts. I hate that I missed the last several months. This past month has just flew by and I can't believe it is already February! My favorite images from this month come from the blizzard we had a couple weeks ago. That was the most snow I have ever saw. Here in Middle Tennessee, we don't get big snows but this time we got 10 inches! So I had to get out and get some portraits. Be sure to check out the rest of the blog circle! There are so many talented photographers here. Check out Allison Wagner Lee here.

We had one good snow and I got some shots that day.

Then we took a break to make some Paninis for lunch.

And the next day we got even more snow! So we went playing again.

And the last image I am sharing with you is a portrait of my son. Taken on my grandparents' farm in Middle Tennessee.


Tomorrow will mark the beginning of a long journey that my Granny Georgie is forced to take. So far we have had as good of news as is possible. Today we were told that the cancer has not spread outside of the breast and lymph nodes. So that is amazing to hear. She will go in for a mastectomy first thing in the morning. With any surgery there are risks, but God has gotten us this far and I have to have faith that He will bring her through this as well. If all goes well, she will start with chemo in 4-6 weeks. That will not be easy either, but with the test results she has had so far, the chemo should work to stop the cancer. So please her and my family in your prayers. As well as all the other families out there fighting the same battle.

And because I almost never get in front of the camera, we got together last weekend to have some family photos taken. We went to my grandparents' farm in Alpine, Tennessee. It is a small community located in the mountains of Middle Tennessee where I grew up. I had to break out the tripod and remote timer that I purchased last year to get these images.

Shauna Hargis Photography | Middle TN Family Photography

Clouse 1 year session

Last month I got the chance to photograph this sweet little guy for his first birthday. It doesn't seem like it has been a whole year since I did his fresh 48 pictures. Since the weather was a bit cool we decided to do indoor pictures so we borrowed The Livingston Dance Studio in Livingston, Tennessee. So I want to say a big thank you to Mrs. Elizabeth for letting us borrow it. I usually do outdoor portrait photography, so it was nice to get the chance to change it up a bit. Here's a small sampling of the images from this session. Thanks for looking! Be sure to check out the lifestyle session I did for them last year here.


Capture these buildings before they are gone.

So I love old barns and old buildings and all of that old stuff. I love the simplicity of the old barns and all of the unique details in the old houses. When looking at buildings that have been here since the early 1900's you see so many neat architectural details that could no longer be replicated in a new building. I love the indentations in the wood from having to use hand tools instead of machines. My fear is that all too soon these beautiful landmarks will be gone and I want to capture these so my son and others can see them. Here are a few images that I have taken this past year.

Loving the Lensbaby

Have you tried Lensbaby yet?

So my Lensbaby love affair started when I received the Sweet 50 optic for Christmas. These lenses are so great for bringing out creativity. If I get bored with images, I can just pop a lensbaby on my camera and get carried away with making artistic images. My favorite is the Velvet 56. I love taking this one on walks around our farm near Livingston, Tennessee. With the Velvet I can get far away pictures as well as close up macro images of flowers and stuff. Here is a sampling of some Lensbaby images I took this spring.