Click a Day Challenge

June 13, 2014: Day 13 of 30

Today I finally got Adobe Lightroom 5! I am so excited!

I actually got interested in photography way back in the 35mm days. Of course back then (which, sadly, really wasn't that long ago) there wasn't any computer editing for pictures. So when I first found Photoshop Elements, you wouldn't believe how amazed I was. So that's what I have been using all these years. Since I have recently decided to try making this a career (or at least a part time one) I decided I needed to look into a program geared more towards professionals. That's where Lightroom comes in. If you haven't already purchased this, do yourself a favor and go get it as soon as possible! I'm telling you it is great! I am, of course, still learning so I am slow but it will eventually make things so much faster.

For now my favorite part of Lightroom is the ability to quickly and easily add a vignette to all the images. All you have to do is adjust some sliders and voila, vignetted photo! You can even save your favorite edits then just click and apply to any pictures you want it on! How awesome is that?

As soon as got home I had to take some pictures to try out Lightroom. I didn't know what to photograph so I just got out the tripod and took some more pictures of me & Wade. Since I am not a fan of how my walls look in pictures, I changed them all to black & white (someday I will paint them). Also I wanted to play around with the black & white conversion of Lightroom. You can adjust the different colors in order to change the brightness of different parts of your picture!

These were all shot in RAW with my Canon 70D, 50mm  1.8 lens, tripod, remote, and 430 EX flash. I generally don't use flash, but it was very cloudy outside so there wasn't much light coming through the windows.

June 11, 2014: Day 11 of 30

Wade's cousin came over today so she got to see Wade's new toy up close. She was really impressed with it (hahaha). He really loves this new toy, in case you couldn't tell.

I am still using Kelvin for white balance thanks to Click it up a Notch and the chart I found on Pinterest. It does take some getting used to, but I am really liking the results. Also when shooting in RAW, I can change the white balance if I need to. RAW is really awesome! Can't believe I waited so long to give it a try.

June 9, 2014: Day 9

Today I decided to try using the bed to take some pictures of me and Wade. I had wanted to get a self portrait of me, but it turns out that Wade thinks I can't have a picture by myself. That's ok though, he's much cuter than I am anyways. I am too happy about the weird brown color that our bedroom walls are (they came that way and I still haven't gotten them painted). So I decided to change these to black and white photos. I love black and white photos anyways so it worked out fine. I used the Pure Black & White action from the Coffee Shop Blog free actions. Have I mentioned how much I love the actions from the Coffee Shop? This one did not disappoint me either. I still am unsure the best way to convert an image to b&w but this lady has figured it out.

Another thing I did differently today. I finally got brave enough to try shooting in RAW. I still have no clue how RAW works but I now know that it does work! Unfortunately, Photoshop Elements does not read RAW files. That's ok though because iPhoto does! Apple comes to the rescue yet again. Also the stuff that comes with my camera would work, but why install it if I don't have to.

Also you may want to check out the post from Click it up a Notch

about using Kelvin for white balance. That's another thing I worked on today. I found a chart from Pinterest so I could save it to my phone and use for quick reference.

These turned out to be some of my favorite pictures of me and Wade. I will end up getting them framed. Maybe I will make a collage or square canvases hanging in a grid. Not decided yet.

These pictures were shot in manual mode on the Canon 70d and 50mm 1.8 lens. I also cropped them to 5x5 in size. For some reason I just felt that they were calling out to be square pictures.

June 8, 2014: Day 8 of 30

So I am a day late on the 30 day challenge. Yesterday Wade got a new toy so that became my click for the day. It looks just like Daddy's! He can even haul sticks out of the yard now.

June 7, 2014: Day 7/30

This morning Wade and I went with Rodney to Rickman. We checked on the wheat and corn he has planted there. I of course had my camera with me and couldn't pass up an opportunity to take a few pictures and practice manual mode some more. I am still getting used to this camera but I really do love it.

Wade was hiding in the corn since it was taller than he is.

I used the Vintagram 2 action from Coffee Shop Blog for 2 of these. I love her actions for Photoshop or Photoshop elements.

Taken with Canon 70d and 50 mm 1.8 lens.

June 6, 2014: Day 6/30

Today I had to go to Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville to get a copy of my transcript. Wade loved the stairs on the front of Derryberry Hall. He kept wanting to walk up them. So when I asked if he wanted a picture for his first trip to TTU, he said yes and pointed to the stairs. Normally I would say the sun is too bright and strong and we need to find shade...but he was so set on having pictures there. Now the last thing I want is for him to stop wanting me to take his picture so I yes. He walked up and picked out these spots all on his own. He even chose to set down on the steps and lean back on his arm. I have discovered that when photographing him it is best to give him some say in where and how he gets his picture taken. Otherwise I end up with pictures of a crying toddler. I like the way they turned out even though it was very sunny. Sometimes a picture means more to me as a memory rather than a perfect picture.

I'm still trying to get good at shooting in full manual mode so all but 1 of these pictures were shot in manual mode, the other was aperture priority mode.

June 5, 2014: Day 5

Middle Tennessee weather has been quite dreary this week. There was absolutely no sun today, just lots of clouds. On the plus side, it is not unbearably hot. I had no idea what I could do for today's picture until I took my husband to pick up his truck from the hay field. On the way there, we passed by our friend's field with the mountains in the background. So on my way back home I just had to try taking some photos of the hay, mountains, fog, and barn. Since this challenge is suppose to be making learn more about photography I took these on full manual mode and I experimented with the exposure. My favorites are the bright ones. I still don't understand exactly how the camera deals with exposure, but I decided to overexpose these so I fixed the aperture where I wanted it and then messed with the shutter speed to get an exposure of +3. I know it is suppose to be at 0, but as they say, rules are made to be broken.