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My Family

The first of this month my granny had to have a mastectomy due to a recent diagnoses of breast cancer. So far everything is looking good and there isn't any signs of cancer anywhere else and we are so very thankful and grateful for everyone's prayers.

Right before the surgery I decided to get some pictures of us. It had been forever since any of us had an actual portrait taken with my grandparents and my son had never had one at all. So I got everyone together (well, mostly everyone since my sister couldn't make it) and did some family photos on their land in Alpine which is located in Middle Tennessee.

My Family - Middle Tn Photographer - Extended Family Photo
My Family - Middle Tn Photographer - Grandmother & Grandson
My Family - Middle Tn Photographer - Grandmother & Daughter
My Family - Middle Tn Photographer - Grandfather & Grandson
My Family - Middle Tn Photographer - Grandparents & Grandson
My Family - Middle Tn Photographer - Grandfather & Daughter

February Lensbaby Share

I decided to dust off the Lensbaby this winter. If you haven't tried them yet, they are so much fun! And really help with creativity.

For these snow ones I used the Velvet 56. This is my favorite Lensbaby lens. It is super versatile and easy to focus.

And since it had been awhile since I had photographed people with the Lensbaby I decided to get some images of my son and husband.

February 4-on-4

I am back with the monthly 4-on-4 posts. I hate that I missed the last several months. This past month has just flew by and I can't believe it is already February! My favorite images from this month come from the blizzard we had a couple weeks ago. That was the most snow I have ever saw. Here in Middle Tennessee, we don't get big snows but this time we got 10 inches! So I had to get out and get some portraits. Be sure to check out the rest of the blog circle! There are so many talented photographers here. Check out Allison Wagner Lee here.

We had one good snow and I got some shots that day.

Then we took a break to make some Paninis for lunch.

And the next day we got even more snow! So we went playing again.

And the last image I am sharing with you is a portrait of my son. Taken on my grandparents' farm in Middle Tennessee.


Tomorrow will mark the beginning of a long journey that my Granny Georgie is forced to take. So far we have had as good of news as is possible. Today we were told that the cancer has not spread outside of the breast and lymph nodes. So that is amazing to hear. She will go in for a mastectomy first thing in the morning. With any surgery there are risks, but God has gotten us this far and I have to have faith that He will bring her through this as well. If all goes well, she will start with chemo in 4-6 weeks. That will not be easy either, but with the test results she has had so far, the chemo should work to stop the cancer. So please her and my family in your prayers. As well as all the other families out there fighting the same battle.

And because I almost never get in front of the camera, we got together last weekend to have some family photos taken. We went to my grandparents' farm in Alpine, Tennessee. It is a small community located in the mountains of Middle Tennessee where I grew up. I had to break out the tripod and remote timer that I purchased last year to get these images.

Shauna Hargis Photography | Middle TN Family Photography

Lifestyle Photos on the Farm

Last weekend the weather was great so we decided to spend some time at home. I discovered I have really missed getting out and doing stuff on the farm. It was just what I needed to relax and appreciate how great my life is! I, of course, took my camera with me so that I could get some photos. Here are some photos I captured from our long weekend.

Chilly Winter Walk

Since the sun was actually out today I decided it would be nice to get out and take some photos. It was a bit chillier than I had thought. But isn't that what Carhartt is made for? So I called up my cousin who was visiting my grandparents and we all went for a walk (we did cheat a little and drive the Rhino most of the way since my son tagged along).

I used my Canon 70D and Lensbaby Composer Pro w/Sweet 50. I am still getting used to it. I was doing pretty good as long as I kept straight and the sweet spot in the center. However, I don't like center composition. So I decided it was time to try tilting. Let me just say that it is kind of hard to figure out where the sweet spot is when it is tilted! So these images aren't going to be the greatest ever, but I still think they are neat. I even managed to get a couple portraits with her face in focus! They aren't the best portraits, but I am proud to get the Lensbaby to focus where I want ha!

The Lensbaby makes everything unique so I decided to play around with edits and some are bit more creative than I would do for portraits. It is fun to explore different ways to process images especially when the images are for my personal use. I used Lightroom & then Exposure 7 to add extra flare to the images. A few even got some sun flare added to enhance the sun light that was already there.

Lensbaby Love

My amazing husband got me a Lensbaby Sweet 50 for Christmas! It is so awesome! I, of course, could not wait to try it. Unfortunately, I had to. So Friday I took Wade outside to play and was finally able to really test out the Lensbaby. I also tried it out on Saturday at my grandparent's house. These photos aren't perfect. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the manual focus, but I still love them. The Lensbaby takes the most boring, ordinary objects and turns them into works of art! The blur is kind of radial and creates the feeling of movement within the image. It leads your eyes right to the area of focus (called the "sweet spot"). I have discovered that the closer I am to the subject, the softer the blur is. Also shooting with larger (f/2.8 or f/2.5) apertures creates lots of blur. For far away photos the blur from the large apertures can be almost dizzying. I believe I prefer f/4 or f/5.6 for landscapes or full body portraits.

These are edited in Lightroom where I used a preset that I created thanks to the ClickinMoms workshop Communicating with Color & Light by Caroline Jenson. That workshop was just what I needed for editing. That was the third workshop I have taken from ClickinMoms University and I loved all of them! They were worth the money. Now I love my color images. Before I couldn't quiet get the "pop" that I was looking for, but now I finally can. I was finally able to create a couple presets that work on all of my images!  After a quick edit in Lightroom, I used Alien Skin Exposure 7 to make them even more unique. For these I went more creative than I normally do and chose from the vintage & polaroid film presets in Exposure. I felt like these presets worked here because of the barns and clothing.  I also added textures to some of the images (scratches or crushed jade textures) and a sun flare to the image with my son playing in the mud.

If you like these feel free to share this post.

Images taken with Canon 70D and Lensbaby Composer Pro w/Sweet 50. Edited with Lightroom and Alien Skin Exposure 7.

Photographing With My Son

Sunday I decided to let my son open up a Christmas present early. It was so nice out I wanted to take him for a walk. Also my husband had to work so I needed something fun to do. So he got a little camera for Christmas. We took a walk up through the field. So he & I took our Border Collie and went out on a mission to find something to photograph. Since he is only three I had to pull him in his little wagon and let me tell you, it was a work out!I had been wanting to get some images of pine trees & pine cones for awhile. So here is what we ended up with. I edited mine with Lightroom and SnapArt 4. I recently discovered Alien Skin plug-ins and they are awesome! I love Exposure7 and SnapArt is good for when I want to get really creative. I edited the photos of my son with Lightroom and Exposure7. It just adds an extra punch to the colors and makes the images have more of a film vibe. I have been using Exposure on all of my portrait images and even went back and re-edited images taken earlier. Did I mention I love Alien Skin Exposure?!








And here are some that he took. I think he did pretty good.





My images were taken with Canon 70D and Tamron 24-70 lens.